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Recent flash floods and landslides in Sri Lanka, triggered by more than three days of heavy rain on around 17th May (some areas had about 300mm of rain falling within a 48-hour period ), have forced one million people from their homes. And ended up claiming more than 100 lives.

19th May I’ve started an online campaign to unite mostly non resident Sri Lankans (and my friends from Australia) for the relief efforts for the affected people. Providing them an opportunity to help the affected people, which they can trust and be confident their donations will be channeled to the right cause and put to good use.

As a result the website [ www.floodreliefsrilanka.info ] and Facebook page [ fb.com/floodreliefsrilanka ] with the # tag [ #‎floodreliefsrilanka ] launched on the same day, to spread the knowledge and information about relief works, situation reports and news. And a fund raising campaign for the flood relief work.

With the help of many friends and many friends like souls who found my efforts trustworthy, I have collected about $1350 for the flood relief fund.

Some media channels and many organisations in Sri Lanka involved in the biggest relief aid campaigns. Resulting people in and around Sri Lanka to line up in thousands to donate for the relief aid. Now that the media hype has died down, so does the donations and aid. And sadly this flood soon will become just a memory and people will move on with their lives, and many poor affected people will continue to struggle for many years to come.

Redevelopment of the affected is a long and slow process. People from many parts of the affected areas are struggling to stand on their feet. We have selected 22 families from Biyagama, who are struggling soo much to recover from the devastated flood. Biyagama is located about 15km from capital Colombo, one of the worst hit areas of recent devastating flood. Many houses damaged and many lost furniture, belongings, cloths, and now even without a pan to cook some rice.

My brother Dr. Amaramalith Jayawardane (fb.com/amaramalith), helped me with coordinating the event and prepared all the groundwork in Sri Lanka. On 19th June (Poson Poya Day) Dr. Amaramalith took a truck full of relief items (22 Mattresses, Pillows, Cooking utensils, Kitchen utensils, Glass plates and cups, Knives, Spice bottles, Books for kids) to Biyagama and distributed directly to the affected people.

I feel truly honored to see people placed their trust on me to do the right thing. And proud to be a Sri Lankan at this moment to witness how we gather as one to help our own, regardless race, religion and ethnicity, from all around the world. And I’m glad this event opened an opportunity for many who eager to donate for the relief work, but were reluctant to trust other channels and or couldn’t find any means to send donations.

I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude for your donations and want to let you know very confidently, every single cent from your donation has been spent only for the flood relief work. And please have a look at these pictures of those innocent people, and be happy you have done a great deed for another human being who suffered the worst in his life.


Thank You






“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile” – Albert Einstein