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Hi Dear Friends,

Hope you guys aware that by around 23rd May camps at Aranayake hold off accepting any relief items as they have received enough aid. All the relief aid had to be hand over to Kegalle AG office.

People in flooded areas in and around Colombo were quickly taken care of as ease access to reach the affected. And news about some people grabbing aid impersonating as flood affected people, was heartbreaking.

Some media channels and many organisations involved in the biggest relief aid campaigns. Resulting people in and around Sri Lankato line up in thousands to donate for the relief aid. Now that the media hype has died down, so does the donations and aid. And sadly this flood soon will become just a memory and people will move on with their lives.

But there are thousands of people still live in camps and people going back to their homes are facing the biggest hardship in their lives as for many of them “normal life” is nowhere near.

I find this is the time for me to kick in and spend the money I have collected with the help of you guys, on the welfare of these innocent people, who are now struggling to stand on their feet.

I will be in touch.